Agency Spotter Issues the Top 20 New York City Digital Agencies Report for March 2018

Top 20 NYC Digital Agencies, March 2018

For its latest Top 20 NYC Digital Agencies Report, the B2B ratings and review authority ranked over 300 digital marketing agencies in the New York Metro Area based on verified client reviews, credentials, focus areas, related expertise, and project work.

​​​​​Agency Spotter releases the Top 20 NYC Digital Agencies Report for March 2018. The report features the 20 best digital marketing agencies in New York out of hundreds of other local digital agencies on their website,

Zero Studios earned the #1 spot on the list this March. The agency describes its philosophy as "centered around experience strategies, driving transactions, and delighting users along the way." All of their client ratings to date have been five-stars, and commentary on their Agency Spotter portfolio boasts that Zero Studios is highly recommendable and conscientious.

Because people know New York City as the home to some of the world's largest marketing agencies, I am very excited to celebrate the best independent digital marketing agencies in New York. These small and medium agencies have clients that love them and deliver amazing results.

Brian Regienczuk, CEO and Co-Founder, Agency Spotter

According to the Marketing Manager of Foursquare, Zero Studios "pushed [his company] to think creatively about new approaches [they had] never considered before."

The Zero Studios team has worked with a variety of notable clients ranging from household names like Google, Foursquare, Hillary For America, Conde Nast, and Versace, and smaller startups and non-profits.

Explore the full Top 20 NYC Digital Agencies Report, including verified client reviews, project work, and more here:

​Top 20 NYC Digital Agencies, March 2018

Rank Agency Name

Zero Studios

2 Ruckus
4 Bigbuzz Marketing Group
5 Kworq
6 Croud
7 6S Marketing
8 Flint & Steel
9 Engine Digital
10 Dom & Tom
11 Fueled
12 iMedia Inc
14 Tom&Co.
15 Blue Fountain Media
16 CemtrexLabs
17 4PointDigital
18 Brand Kitchen
19 Omega-R


Insight on the Winning Agencies

  • 100% are independent firms
  • ​​60% have fewer than 50 employees
  • 40% have other locations outside of New York City
  • 1 is listed as women-owned (6S Marketing)
  • 1 is listed as minority-owned (CemtrexLabs)

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