Agency Spotter's Top 20 Video Production Agencies Report for November 2018

Top 20 Video Production Agencies November 2018

For its latest Top 20 Video Production Agencies Report, the B2B ratings and review authority, Agency Spotter ranked over 340 video production marketing agencies based on verified client reviews, credentials, focus areas, related expertise, and project work.

​​​​ Top 20 Video Production Agencies Report evaluates more than 340 video production agencies based on Agency Spotter's proprietary research methodology. This report takes a broad look at video production agencies from around the world. While many of the agencies may focus on marketing, the top video production agencies in this report all have video as a core capability, and many also lead in-house production development. 

Insight on the Winning Video Production Agencies

Can't recommend S|W|F enough

Zach Gorman, Co-Founder, Torii

  • 75% have single office locations
  • 60% are B2B & B2C focused
  • 40% have fewer than 10 staff
  • 15% focus on animation too
  • 10% are women-owned

These top video productions agencies work with some of the world's most acclaimed companies including Facebook, IBM, Nike, Oakley, and Sony Pictures

SLEEP | WALK | FILMS placed first on Agency Spotter's Top 20 Video Production Agencies report for November 2018. This agency's main focus lies in cinematic storytelling and cutting edge creative perspectives to create motion pictures, music videos, commercials, television and brand content for clients all across. 

SLEEP | WALK | FILMS​' approach to projects start by building a foundation of a collaborative nature with clients in a creative process. This agency brings over a thousand collective man hours into every project with additional experience in branding and advertising.

Zach Gorman, Co-Founder of Torii states, "..They were patient with us during post production as well, allowing us to go back and forth and iterate on multiple drafts. Can't recommend S|W|F enough."

SLEEP | WALK | FILMS​' clients include Fidelity, Fitrax, Jetblue, and Kettle Cuisine.

IndieWhip came in second on this Top 20 Video Production Agencies Report. This agency believes in curating deep relationships with their clients and building a personal relationship to develop content they need to tell their story. IndieWhip takes on a unique approach as they prioritize on "making the journey the star of the show, not the destination", which led them to produce over 600 pieces of content for some of the world's biggest brands. Some of IndieWhip's clients include Bose, Clorox, FedEx, and NFL. 

Top 20 Video Production Agencies, November 2018

Rank Agency Name
2 IndieWhip
3 Kworq
5 Creative Deviants
6 Simple Story
7 Mitchell Palmer
8 Sociallyin
9 Honest Motion
10 Lemmon/Hughes
11 Stork
12 PatrickOrtman, Inc.
13 Magic Beans Creative
14 The CSI Group
15 fLO Content Marketing
16 Lord Danger
17 Portal A
18 OH Partners
19 MultiVision Digital

Loose Films

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