Top Digital Agencies and Top Design Agencies Reports for Q3 Released by Agency Spotter

Top Design Agencies Report Q3 2017

Agency Spotter ranks agencies based on credentials, focus areas, related expertise, verified client reviews, and project work for both quarterly reports featuring the top digital agencies and top design agencies respectively.

​Agency Spotter releases the Top Digital Agencies and Top Design Agencies Reports for Q3 of 2017. Each report contains the top 20 agencies for their related service areas.

Top Digital Agencies Report
​The Top Digital Agencies Report evaluates more than 4,500 agencies who focus on digital competencies such as digital strategy, marketing automation, web design and development, mobile design and development, e-commerce, social media marketing, content marketing, email marketing, inbound marketing, CRM automation, search (SEO and PPC), and gaming.

"[TAXI Studio is] unquestionably the best agency I've worked with."

Darren Morris, Brand Portfolio Director, Carlsberg UK

Canvas was ranked number one across digital agencies this quarter. Hailing from Salt Lake City and focusing on branding, user experience, e-commerce, mobile, and web design, this is Canvas's first time ranking at the top of this report.

See the work, verified client reviews that got these agencies included in this quarter's Top 20 Digital Agencies Report:

Top Digital Agencies For Q3 2017
Rank Agency Name
1 Canvas
2 ArtVersion Interactive
4 Copious
5 Kworq
6 Ruckus
8 Dirigo Design & Development
9 Emerge Interactive
10 eHouse Studio
11 RNO1
12 Momentum Design Lab
13 Bigbuzz Marketing Group
14 Croud
15 Pixelslave
16 Dam Digital
17 Dom & Tom
18 iMedia
19 6S Marketing
20 Launch

Top Design Agencies Report
​The Top Design Agencies Report evaluates more than 3,000 design agencies based on their credentials, focus area, expertise in design, verified client reviews, and project work. This report takes a broad focus on design agencies which includes those who specialize in branding, communication design, innovation, industrial design, design strategy, user experience design, motion video, and packaging design.

TAXI Studio out of the UK takes top honors on this quarter's Top Design Agencies Report. Darren Morris from Carlsberg says they are, "unquestionably the best agency I've worked with." While Top Farrell from The Coca-Cola Company summed up work Taxi Studio did, saying, "End to end, it was one of the most successful redesign projects I have led, and TAXI were really great partners on that journey..."

Read the verified client reviews, see the work, and get to know all 20 of the top design agencies in this quarter's report here:

Top Design Agencies For Q3 2017
Rank Agency Name
1 TAXI Studio
2 SmashBrand
3 Thrive
4 Emerge Interactive
5 Modo Modo Agency
6 Kworq
7 Spatium Advertising
8 Momentum Design Lab
9 Creative Tonic
10 Good Stuff Partners
11 Canva
12 ArtVersion Interactive
13 Lemmon/Hughes
15 Actualize Marketing
16 Smith Brothers Agency
17 31,000 FT
18 Boone Oakley
19 Coho Creative

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